Safe Families for Children

Lake Geneva

Meet Our Chapter

Meet Our Chapter

Safe Families for Children in Southeastern Wisconsin is an organization preventing children from neglect or abuse arising from a crisis, by providing them with a safe, stable, temporary home and reuniting the family as quickly as possible when the crisis is resolved.  We are committing to serving families in crises by partnering with the local church, where families open their homes and lives to vulnerable children.

Our chapter started in 2014 with the belief in the Safe Families’ vision that Jesus calls us to defend the cause of the weak and the fatherless.  Since our humble beginnings, we have increased the footprint of Safe Families to include over 5 counties.  In these areas, our goals are to empower the church, unify families and deflect children from being unnecessarily put into the foster care system.

Safe Families for Children in Southeastern Wisconsin exists to promote a strong and healthy community for all children and families.  If  you would like to get involved or help with monetary support, please contact us or follow the link to our individual website.

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